Live with FR|US subtitles and questions waiting

The next live will be broadcast with automatic subtitling, either in French or American, and will allow you to ask questions in the second part of the live session, either via the YouTube chat or by appearing on the screen via Skype (on a computer or a smartphone).

In the 30 minutes before the live, reload this page until the icons become active (white background with a yellow frame).

Then choose the icon corresponding to the desired language for the subtitles. You will then be redirected to the corresponding YouTube page.

Explanations for Skype

  • we create a group for the occasion; in this group, there will always be 2 people connected: one asking the question and one waiting,
  • to get on the air, first send an email to the account indicating your first name in the title(1),
  • when a place is available, we will answer you with the link to the Skype group,
  • as soon as you receive the email, connect to the link and you will be put on hold (please do not talk),
  • we call you when it’s your turn.

Explanations for the YouTube chat

  • to ask a question, you must have previously created a YouTube account and be logged in,
  • we recommend that you change the default “Top Chat” to “Live Chat” to view all messages,
  • we send messages with the user, in particular to indicate if places are available for Skype.


(1) all personal information (first name, email account, skype account) received during these manipulations are destroyed at the end of the evening, as well as the skype group